Yard and Garden Step Stones (7x7 4lbs) in Amity, Yamhill County, Oregon

Other 2nd Street, Amity, Yamhill County, Oregon


Original gifts for that yard & garden lover!
3 step-stones for $40.00
Obsidian, Petrified Woods, Crystallized blue, yellow and orange Quartz and many Geode and Thunder Eggs. 30 years picking up rocks along Pacific NW waterways; has inspired “Rock-a-Doodling” art.
I saw/cut and polish stones which then inspire an imaginative flower, tree, bug-creature, mosaic and sphere creations.
Each step stone is unique in design by shapes of raw cuts from a variety of Idaho, Montana, Oregon/Washington- Jasper's (green, yellow, red), ocean and river Quartz and Agates found in the Pacific NW by-ways.
3 for $40.00
1 @$15.00 ea.

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