Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Promotion, Free iPhone 11 Upgrade Possible in Sequim, Clallam County, Washington

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With the Sprint and T-Mobile merger; coverage hasn't been this great in a while. Verizon has always dominated with coverage but it has changed a bit. Since Sprint and T-Mobile have been two different companies with two different types of cell towers, they've always struggled with their service alone, but now that they are together, their coverage is essentially doubling.

SO! With this merger, Sprint has a huge promotion going on to start off their new name strong with T-Mobile. At 1 phone line, for Unlimited Talk, Text, Data, it is $60 dollars a month. For the second line, it would add $40 dollars. After that, lines 3, 4 and 5 will be free! 2-5 phone lines for $100 a month for Unlimited Talk, Text, Data! Pretty great! And every phone line after that would add $20.

Now that we got coverage and pricing over with, here is how the free iPhone 11 works. (Depending on credit of course) If you own an iPhone 6s or newer, you can trade that in for a FREE iPhone 11. (Same can apply for Samsung. Message me for more details on that.) The catch is, is that the phone will be an 18 month lease. Sprint will pay off that phone for the first 18 months. After that, you can go one of two ways: 1. Pay off the rest of the phone over the next 6 months to own the phone. Or 2. Trade in the phone for another upgrade and go another 18 months, then repeat. That's the small catch!

One last thing to note about the free upgrades; this promotion lasts until the 23rd of July, so act quick and message me for details to see how much money you'd save and how you can get a free upgrade!!

There's the general information that people look for! If you have any questions and if you're interested, send me a message and I promise to get to you within 30 minutes!! Thank you!


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